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Hungry Cat Kitchen

Slow-cooked Comfort Food

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Think of every slow-cooked meal you've ever had. We bet you're thinking of dishes cooked to perfection, not those that are pressed for time. The lost art of slow-cooking is just what we need, to rekindle the joy of a family meal, leaving behind our fast paced lives. Which is why we at Hungry Cat Kitchen are bringing back the time-tested method of preparing food on low heat, with oodles of patience and the opulence of taste.

Some of our house specials

Pork with Bhut Jholokia & Kaffir lime leaves

A medium hot curry with smokey Naga King chillies redolent with Kaffir lime leaves.

Swedish Apple Pie

Toffeed apples and raisins underneath. Topped with a thin buttery pastry crust. Studded with pecans and walnuts.

HCK Special Mutton Stew

A complex mutton stew, this one is made with whole spices, vegetables, bacon and herbs. You could call it a marriage between an Indian and an Irish.

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