Cat lady guide to Manhattan

Last summer I made my first trip to New York, a city I can’t get enough of. I explored the city’s boroughs like a local and met many cats.

Here is an article I wrote for Mint Lounge about the neighborhoods and its cats. Click here to read the article.

And here are a few more pics of kitties to feast your eyes on 🙂


This kitty at the cattery in Roosevelt island:



This cat in the garden of the Morris-Jumel mansion in Harlem:



This is Her majesty Matilda, the Algonquin cat:



And here is my bounty from Meow Parlour, Chinatown:

IMG_3074 IMG_3055 IMG_3131 IMG_3168 IMG_3102 IMG_3120 IMG_3078 IMG_3110   IMG_3146

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