Special Sundays

Above : At Hungry Cat Kitchen, our Pork curry with Bhut Jholokia has a thin soupy gravy redolent of kaffir lime leaves with a mild tang from tomatoes.


Back home in Kolkata when I was growing up, Sundays were special. Most people worked six days a week and it was their only holiday, enough reason to rejoice. The day would start late. Breakfast would typically consist of luchi-torkari (poori-aloo). Then came the task of finishing odd jobs.. selling old newspapers and bottles to the local “kabadiwala”, fixing the tap, realigning the TV antenna.

A big hearty lunch of mangsho-bhaat (mutton curry and rice) would be followed by listening to the radio (various plays and agony aunt shows) while gently dozing off into an afternoon siesta.

Speaking of a lunch of mangsho-bhaat on Sundays, I know that tradition still continues in a lot of households. Although convivial brunches in hip restaurants and cafes have taken over our Sundays especially in bigger cities, there remains room for comfort lunches.


So to sum it up, what is a perfect Sunday lunch?

Irrespective of what you eat at your place, I think a Sunday lunch is:

Something warm, delicious, straight from the hearth.

Something that makes the entire house smell delicious, making everyone wait in anticipation.

Something with gravy. A lot of gravy. Definitely!


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