The Swining Table, Edition 1

Hungry Cat Kitchen’s first foray into the home dining pop up scene was mostly fun with a touch of drama. My cook who is entrusted with the mammoth task of cutting, chopping, prepping dishes took ill a week before the event and was hospitalized. I accepted it as a good omen, there is a 100% chance of something going wrong before an HCK event. By the time this happened, I had already announced the event on social media and confirmations had started coming in.

The announcement mailer is above.

We also got a bit of love from the press. Mid-Day kindly profiled the venture and mentioned the pop up. There were numerous queries following this and since space is limited, some people had to be turned down 🙁


Here’s a snap of the Mid-Day article:



And here is the link to the article.

On the day of the event, a lovely rainy Sunday afternoon we welcomed a bunch of hungry porkaholics home. They were a mixed bag from media, marketing, teaching, designing and got along like a house on fire. One special guest came braving the rain and water logging all the way from Pune.. Bharat Ratna for you! 🙂



So what was served?

There was a welcome drink of fizzy cucumber lemonade spiked with ginger juice. Unfortunately people sipped it up so quickly, there is no photo. But I will say this: it was pale green in color and refreshing.

Salad was served. Chunky pieces of grilled watermelon, sweet and sour pickled onions, topped with crispy bacon and pillowy feta.




Next up was a stir fried pork with raw mango and chillies. This was served inside toasted Pita pockets with a dollop of garlicky hung curd and more raw mango. The pork was kept relatively simple with a surprise element of Paanch Phoron (Bengali five spice) for the occasional pop in the mouth.




Next on the menu were Spare ribs glazed with rosemary, marmalade and Old Monk rum. This photo seems to suggest one of the ribs was smiling all along 🙂




After the salad and starters, the main course was kept light. This is an Irish Coddle, which is basically a version of the famed Irish Lamb Stew made with pork. It is cooked with bacon, beer and there is a generous amount of vegetables including carrots, potatoes and shallots. I find this to be a very comforting dish for the weather. Crispy toasted paos helped in soaking up the broth. You will also notice Hungry Cat’s tail in this photo. He was surprisingly well behaved!




Nothing says homely comfort food like my Swedish Apple Pie and although it is getting boring to post the same pictures over and over again, I have to post this beautiful composition by my friend Pritam. So here it is:

Bottomline: much fun was had and I look forward to hosting The Swining Table, Edition 2 soon!

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  1. It was a fantastic meal the porky pita pockets were the highlight for me … followed closely by the awesome apple pie … kudos Hungry Cat Team … here’s wishing you all the best and many more such Pop-ups 🙂

  2. WOW! I and my family( son and wife) are interested for such an event.I’m also a porkoholic and I’m training my son to become one. I look forward to hear from you.

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