The Swining Table, Edition 2

After a successful Edition 1 in early July, we got a lot of enquiries and pressure (the good kind!) to host the next one. So the second one followed quickly on Sunday, 24th July. We must admit one of the key factors behind hosting this prompt follow up event was to take advantage of the cool Mumbai weather while it lasts.


Swining Table 2

The mailer


A gang of enthusiastic foodies gathered and sipped on fizzy Cucumber lemonade while waiting for everybody to show up.



We started with an Eggy Potato Salad. This had fried lean bacon and a tangy parsley-scallion-mustard dressing.



This was followed by a Pork Pot pie. This had boneless pieces of pork (and bits of fat of course!) slow cooked with Granny Smith apples and celery. It had a golden brown phyllo pastry crust on top. This dish was especially appreciated by all and is also a favorite with us. It is very simple, flavorful and old school, all our kitchen goals summed up in one dish 🙂



Then came the BBQ Pork Nachos. This was loaded with chili con carne with barbecued pork, cheesy white sauce, tomatoes, scallions and grated cheese.



After the starters the main course was a Pork Ishtoo, HCK’s take on the classic Kerala Mutton Ishtoo. This was a subtly flavored coconut milk-based curry with root vegetables. Malabar parathas helped soak up the gravy.



The meal was rounded off with a helping of Carrot cake with homemade lemony cheese frosting.



The Hungry Cat surprised all again with his good behavior posing like a pro and displaying some of his amazing acrobatic skills.



Here is what popular food blogger and friend of HCK Kalyan Karmakar had to say about the meal. The link to his blog is here.


Keep smiling everyone, till the next edition 🙂


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